After-sales Service Plan
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Quality assurance
our company adheres to the business philosophy of “Quality First, Honest and Trustworthy”. Pay attention to the overall management of product quality and ensure that superior quality products are supplied to our customers.

Strictly check the raw and auxiliary materials into the warehouse, and prohibit the unqualified raw and auxiliary materials from being put into storage and put into production.

During the production process. Strictly follow the requirements of the company’s internal control standards, organize the production and processing of semi-finished products and finished products , and arrange full-time quality imspection personnel for quality control on semi-finished products and finished products.
Service assurance
During the contract performance process, due to customer design changes in processing drawings, quantity, delivery location and time,etc, our company will respond positively and ensure timely delivery after receiving customer notification.

Due to the needs of customers, our company will send professional technical personnel to guide the laying of products with different shapes and complex graphics.

In order to further improve the comprehensive service of our company’s products sales , listen to the valuable opinions of customers, our company establishes 24-hour service telephone and ensures that customers are satisfied in the first time, and strictly supervises the after-sales service quality of relevant personnel.
Supply guarantee
Our company has 8 professional sales personnel, who are responsible for the production supply, quality inspection, handover and other after-sales related liaison and service work.

Our company has strong pproduction technology and fully possesses the nomal production capacity of PVC film series products, and has good capital strength, strong sustainable supply capacity and superior storage conditions, which can fully meet the supply needs of customers.

Considerable road transportation capacity is another advantage of our company. We have our own transportation and cargo handling vehicles, and social vehicles and logistics companies can organize transportation to ensure that the products are supplied to the site the customer needs in fastest time.
Counseling center
Fill in your phone number and email information and we will contact you as soon as possible to resolve your problem as soon as possible.
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