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The activity plan of "Production Safety Month" in 2018
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In order to carry out the relevant national security policy, further implement the "safety first, prevention first, comprehensive management" approach, actively create a "life first, security development" theme atmosphere, around the "people-oriented" scientific concept of development, combined with the company's actual situation, give prominence to the company "safety development" the main line, to ensure the essence safety; Comprehensively improve the safety quality of the company, improve the company's safety management level, effectively prevent and resolutely put an end to accidents, to promote the company's sustained, stable, healthy and rapid development. The activities of the company's "Work Safety Month" in 2018 are as follows:

The company shall establish the leading group of "Production safety Month"activities

Team leader: Zhou Hua

Deputy group leader: Jiang Huiru

Members: Jiang Zhongwang, Yu Xinbo, Chen Feng, Jia Manle, Jiang Xuantao, Dong Liang, Guo Guangqin, Jiang Jingren, Xing Liuping.

Activity time and theme

June 1, 2018 solstice June 30, safety month theme: "life first, safety development".

The target

Through the company's "Work Safety Month" in 2018, the company achieved no safety accidents in the second half of the year.

Specific content and schedule of activities

(Ⅰ) extensive publicity and education stage (June 1 solstice June 10) :

(1), the propaganda launch, June 2, the company middle managers and support staff meeting in the afternoon, the deployment of road company in 2018 the specific work of the "safe production month" activities, request the company office in combination with the actual in June 5, in the production area prominently hanging about the "safe production month" activities publicity slogans, and actively create a "life first, security development" theme on the safety activities atmosphere, publicity of security development scientific concept, improve the safety awareness of all employees and strengthen their ability to prevent, keep compliance rules in the life and work, strictly implement the relevant provisions, fortified, Reduce or avoid unnecessary injury accidents to ensure safety.

(2) safety knowledge learning (June 5, solstice, June 10) : Company safety management the flourishing ginger, Martin, organize workshop and logistics personnel respectively study the safety operating rules, contingency plan, road traffic laws, and power consumption management sense, keep in mind that "the core of scientific development is people-oriented, people-oriented must first ensure the safety of human life" requirements, to make safety production as our company is a global event to grasp, constantly improve the company safety management system, improving the safety rules and regulations, management process, operation procedures, etc., seriously inadequate supervision implementation and execution, equipment safety, operation safety, traffic safety, implement company safety objectives.

(Ⅱ), production safety inspection and safety hidden dangers rectification (June 10 solstice on June 20), and to keep in mind that "safe development is the inherent requirement of scientific development and the important guarantee for", required within the entire company to organize a safety production hidden danger thoroughly check, do check the longitudinal, transverse to the edge, leave no dead Angle, no blind spot, the potential for the check to the fixed time, standard, responsibility, must regularly changes in place, put an end to safety accidents. The main inspection contents are as follows :(1) whether there is leakage protection device in the workshop and logistics power supply; (2) Compliance of all members of the Road Traffic Law; (3) Good condition of fire extinguishers in workshops and warehouses of the company; (4) Operation of machinery and equipment in each workshop; (5) The "five prevention" situation of all departments of the company in summer. (6) Whether the production safety ledger is complete and standard, and whether the records are complete and timely.

(Ⅲ) stage of emergency rescue, emergency rescue drill, supervision and review of rectification of safety risks (June 20 solstice June 25).

(1) Specific arrangements for emergency rescue and emergency rescue drill will be notified separately

(2) During this period, the company's "Safety production month" leading group will review the rectification of all kinds of hidden dangers found in the safety production inspection, ensure that the rectification measures of hidden dangers are in place, and publicize the inspection results in the company's monthly newspaper column.

(Ⅳ), summary report (June 26 solstice on June 30) : company "safe production month" activities leading group, according to the company to carry out the "safe production month" activities, under the condition of forming written material summary report to the company "safe production month" activity leading group office, and report to the local government in charge of security department.

Activities require

Company must strengthen the leadership, strengthen management, each department, workshop, the team head to actively implement the "safety production month" activities in all kinds of good company to work, combining the reality of each department, highlight the theme, the company to "safe production month" activities in all kinds of work do the fine, the implementation of the way, to strengthen the propaganda, raise awareness, carefully organize each department employees "knowledge of safety, safety" activities, in the work always adhere to the principle of "four damage", to establish a new system, plan ahead, further increase the safety awareness of company personnel. Teach people with things around, safety accident lessons warning people, adhere to start from a bit by bit to catch safety, from subtle attention to eliminate hidden dangers. Continuously improve the company's safety management standards, strengthen supervision and inspection, form a long-term mechanism of safety production management, achieve safety production, keep the alarm, take the road of safe and scientific development.



June 1, 2018