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Ten years of hard work, flying entrepreneurial dream
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Luoyang Dedao Plastic Technology Co., LTD. 10th anniversary celebration was held

On May 25th, luoyang Dedao Plastic Technology Co., LTD. 's 10th anniversary celebration meeting was held in Luoyang Happy Auditorium to express thanks for the staff who have been with the company for ten years and made great contributions to the company. The municipal government and the relevant departments of Luoyang High-tech Zone sent letters of congratulations.

The meeting highlighted luoyang Dedao Company "virtue first, road from the wide" business philosophy, strengthened the staff and the community to the company's understanding and understanding. Through the display of the company's development history, it fully reflects the company's scientific and technological strength and future development trend, encourages employees to share the same fate with the company, be of one heart and one mind, unite and work hard, be full of confidence in the company's development, and further stimulate employees' entrepreneurial enthusiasm for the development of the company.

At 10:18 a.m., a female solo song "Flowers bloom in China", accompanied by the graceful dancing of the peony fairies, opened the prelude of the celebration. It gives a great visual impact.

After a wonderful song and dance, General Manager Jiang Huiming came to the stage and made a speech. In his speech, General manager Jiang first thanked all walks of life, family members, relatives and friends as well as all employees of the company for their support and dedication over the past ten years. He pointed out that the development of Tak Dao company in the past ten years is the decade to forge ahead, is the decade to break the market for virtue. This decade road of science and technology in a vacuum preloading film industry in this competition is very fierce, with the highest technical level, the most innovative ability of scientific research team of experts, at home and abroad the most advanced production equipment, strong production capacity, annual output of more than ten thousand tons of the most excellent management innovation culture, the most stringent quality control system, leading the industry development direction. Although have no intention to win, but already ascend the peak. This is the pride and pride of all the daoists, as well as the pride of luoyang High-tech Zone and luoyang people.

The meeting gave the special contribution award to Zhou Hua, the national famous vacuum precompression membrane expert who made outstanding contributions to the company. The "one heart" award was given to 43 employees who had worked in the company for 10 years and 5 years respectively.

At the meeting, all the employees expressed their gratitude to Jiang Huiming for providing dedao Company as a platform to show their talents. It was precisely because of Jiang's social responsibility and entrepreneurial spirit that Dedao Company became an innovative, enterprising and harmonious family. Only then has the dedao company today's brilliant and outstanding achievements.

Ginger said: ten years, in the long river of time is just a spray on the new journey, will continue to adhere to the road flyover, 10 years of entrepreneurship, stick to the "Germany first, since the wide" business philosophy, and constantly improve the staff's working environment and provide employees with larger, more broad development space, the road to promote the cause of the company to a new peak.

The meeting was successfully concluded in the loud and clear song of "Good Tak Dao Company", a chorus of frontline staff dedicated to the company.